Update from THS Sports

An update from THS Sports

As you all are aware by now, the government decided to bring back the covid-restrictions a few weeks ago. We are all hoping the situation will get better soon. We encourage you to stay active, go for walks or jogs outdoor, and find some corona-safe activities to keep moving.

Our tournaments are on hold until further notice, but when the situation is better, we will start to host them again! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to see our updates. We are planning some corona-safe events or competitions soon – you don’t want to miss that!

We want to say thanks to our sponsors TS Reklam. They are offering great printed products for all occasions, make sure to look them up.

Keep a distance, act responsible, and stay healthy. See you soon!

Vacant positions at THS!

There are still vacant positions at THS for the next operational year. Most of them require fluency in Swedish, you can read more about them on the Swedish version of this page.

Election Director

Apply to become the THS Election Director! 

The Election Director leads the election committee, which consists of representatives from all THS chapters. 

The Election Director has no vote in the election committee but is the one responseble for planing, marketing and to put through the election to the Union Council.

Questions about this position are best answered by the current Election Director at [email protected]

The fine print:

The term of this position starts on the 1st of July 2020 and ends on the 30th of June 2021. The emolument for this position is 6,8 % of the base amount per person and year. 

Apply by filling out this form and you will be asked to hand in a personal letter, a CV and references. 

The last day to apply is the May 4th 2020.

We are confident in KTH’s handling of the coronavirus


During the morning I’ve taken part in a meeting with the leadership of KTH regarding the handling of the coronavirus. My impression is that education is being highly prioritized and the intention is to find solutions so that course activities, lectures, exams and so on can still happen to the largest possible degree, even if that means it occurs by other means than we are used to.

KTH will later today come out with information regarding what will be happening and in the near future. KTH are well aware there will be consequences for this stretching well into the future. My impression so far has been that everyone is and will be doing their absolute best to mitigate these consequences for students. I ask for your patience and understanding that it is very hard to give concrete information about the future at the moment and that the most urgent issues are being prioritized.

Take care of yourselves, stay home if you are sick and keep updated on how THS is working with the virus through ths.kth.se/corona

Best regards,

Elisabet Lövkvist, THS President

THS is looking for a ball responsible!

THS is looking for a ball responsible! 

During the spring of 2019 we revived the THS ball after 40 years without one at THS central. We want this to be a tradition again, so we are looking for a few people who want to lead the projekt during the spring of 2020! 

Are you interested in organizing a fancy event in Nymble? Then you should apply by sending an email to styrelsen[email protected] and tell us why you would make the best ball ever.

THS is looking for a delegation to SFSFUM

THS is looking for a delegation to SFSFUM, the annual meeting for SFS, the Swedish National Union of Students. Because all meeting documents and discussions at SFSFUM are in Swedish, you need to understand Swedish to be in the delegation. Read more about the delegation in the Swedish version of this post.

Vote in the additional THS Union Council election 2019/2020

Do you want to represent the members in THS’ most important decisions? Are you interested in learning more about organizational management? Do you want to get to know people from all chapters of THS?

Vote here (or here if the previous link does not work)

About the Position

As a council member or substitute member of the Student Union Council, you have a seat in the highest governing body at THS. You decide what THS should do, what THS opinions are and how the yearly turnover of 40 million SEK is to be used. You elect THS’ leaders in the form of President and Board, and review that they are really working for the members’ interests. The members of THS elect their representatives in the Student Union Council. This election makes THS a representative democracy. As a council member in the Student Union Council you are the guarantee that THS is run as a democracy.

The positions in the Student Union Council manage THS as an organization. Therefore there are educational events held for the Student Union Council. The topics include economics, leadership and recruitment. Regardless of whether you have experience in organizational management or not, this will give you the opportunity to learn more about it.

The Student Union Council consists of about 42 members and 27 substitutes from all chapters at THS. As a part of them you will get a social network that reaches all chapters. Together you cooperate to represent all members. You will also get the opportunity to teambuild and party together.

Important dates

  • Ordinary application period open to and including: 23rd September
  • Extended application period open to and including: den 30th september
  • Valperiod: den 7 september genom den 11 september

The fine prints

The formal time in office is 2019-07-01 – 2020-06-30. The first meeting will be held the 7th october which is before the election will be completed. The first meeting you will have voting rights on is the 29th October. The position will require at least 6 formal meetings and 2 informal meetings during the year. Material will be sent out before every meeting so that everyone can prepare, thereby allowing the meetings to be efficient and to the point. In total it is expected that the position requires 8 hours per month. The parties and team buildings add to that.


You are welcome to submit your application in the the new member system in this link up until the 23rd of September. The extended application period lasts to and including 30th September. Your candidacy will be made visible to THS members during the voting period between the 7th and 11th of October. The members will be voting at thskth.se/vote. (Use this if the previous does not work: link) Do not forget to vote. You are allowed to vote for yourself. THS Election Board who arrange the elections will continuously update you to when the process enters new stages and, in the end, what the results are.


If you have any questions you are welcome to ask us at [email protected]

Positions available

  • Arkitektursektionen (A): 1 substitute (1 ordinary filled)
  • Kongliga Bergssektionen (B): 1 ordinary and 1 substitute (no position filled)
  • Sektionen för Civilingenjör och Lärare (CL): all positions filled (1 ordinary and 1 substitute)
  • Konglig Datasektionen (D): 2 substitutes (3 ordinary filled)
  • Doktorandsektionen (Dr): 3 ordinary and 2 substitute (1 ordinary filled)
  • Konglig Elektrosektionen (E): 1 substitute (2 ordinary filled)
  • Fysiksektionen (F): 1 ordinary and 1 substitute (1 ordinary filled)
  • Sektionen för Industriel ekonomi (I): all positions filled (2 ordinary and 1 substitute filled)
  • Sektionen för Informations- och Nanoteknik (IN): 2 ordinary and 1 substitute (no position elected)
  • Ingenjörsektionen Bygg (IsB): 1 ordinary and 1 substitute (1 ordinary filled)
  • Ingenjörsektionen Flemingsberg (IsF): 1 ordinary and 1 substitute (no position filled)
  • Kongliga Kemisektionen (K): 1 substitute (3 ordinary and 1 substitute filled)
  • Kungliga Maskingsektionen (M): 2 ordinary and 2 substitute (2 ordinary filled)
  • Sektionen för Medieteknik (Media): 2 ordinary and 1 substitute (no position filled)
  • Sektionen för Medicinsk Teknik (MiT): 1 ordinary (1 ordinary filled)
  • Öppen ingång (OPEN): 1 ordinary and 1 substitute (no position filled)
  • Konglig Samhällsbyggnadssektion (S): 2 substitutes (3 ordinary filled)
  • Flygsektionen (T): 1 substitute (2 ordinary filled)
  • Telge Teknologsektion (TT): 1 ordinary and 1 substitute (no position filled)
  • Energi och Miljö (W): 2 ordinary and 1 substitute (no position filled)