Vacant positions at THS!

There are still vacant positions at THS for the next operational year. Most of them require fluency in Swedish, you can read more about them on the Swedish version of this page.

Election Director

Apply to become the THS Election Director! 

The Election Director leads the election committee, which consists of representatives from all THS chapters. 

The Election Director has no vote in the election committee but is the one responseble for planing, marketing and to put through the election to the Union Council.

Questions about this position are best answered by the current Election Director at [email protected]

The fine print:

The term of this position starts on the 1st of July 2020 and ends on the 30th of June 2021. The emolument for this position is 6,8 % of the base amount per person and year. 

Apply by filling out this form and you will be asked to hand in a personal letter, a CV and references. 

The last day to apply is the May 4th 2020.

The THS Board for 2020/2021 is elected!

This week the Student Union Council had an election meeting! This is the THS Board 2020/2021 (starting from the 1st of July):

Charley Jönsson (THS President)
Erik Murray (THS Vice president)

Board members:
Rasmus Maråk
Amanda Foley
Josephine Berg
Sofie Rehnström
Mikael Lyth

The Student Union Council decided that the size of the THS Board should be eight people, so we are still looking for another board member.

Other elected people:
– Simon Kolmodin Dahlberg (Deputy speaker of the student union council)
– Adam Jacobs (Nomination committee)
– Ryll Åman (Auditor)

Several positions elected by the Student Union Council are still vacant, so look out for the application for those!

THS Restaurant and Café temporarily closed

THS’s main purpose is to benefit students and members as much as possible. During the past weeks we have been following the development of Covid-19 and observed that the number of guests visiting Restaurang Nymble, THS Café and Café Entré has dropped drastically. Due to this, we have temporarily closed these services from today March 13th 14:00. We are following the development daily and we are looking forwards to opening the restaurants as soon as possible.

Parts of Nymble, KårX and the bookstore will be open as usual.

There are no known cases of Covid-19 among the staff or management team in Nymble or in any of other THS operations. We have ordered extra cleaning of door handles, elevator buttons and similar items to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Remember to have a good hand hygiene and to stay home if you are feeling sick.

We are confident in KTH’s handling of the coronavirus


During the morning I’ve taken part in a meeting with the leadership of KTH regarding the handling of the coronavirus. My impression is that education is being highly prioritized and the intention is to find solutions so that course activities, lectures, exams and so on can still happen to the largest possible degree, even if that means it occurs by other means than we are used to.

KTH will later today come out with information regarding what will be happening and in the near future. KTH are well aware there will be consequences for this stretching well into the future. My impression so far has been that everyone is and will be doing their absolute best to mitigate these consequences for students. I ask for your patience and understanding that it is very hard to give concrete information about the future at the moment and that the most urgent issues are being prioritized.

Take care of yourselves, stay home if you are sick and keep updated on how THS is working with the virus through

Best regards,

Elisabet Lövkvist, THS President